james kelly


James Kelly is a Neurofeedback Technician and Assessment Administrator at Augmentia Health. 

His role is to provide evidence based neurofeedback interventions which can assist in managing a range of sensory, emotional, attentional, and behavioural conditions. 

James is also on the assessment team at Augmentia Health, and oversees the incoming assessments of each individual client to ensure a smooth, cohesive, and comprehensive assessment procedure. 

James has been a part of the Augmentia Health team for the past two years. He has completed an honorary degree in psychology from the University of Newcastle. In the final year of his undergraduate degree, he was a member of the Evolutionary Psychology Lab and completed an honours thesis exploring early life adversity, and its ability to produce alterations in cognition and development to subsequently solve evolutionary fitness challenges. Currently, James is undertaking postgraduate studies, and is completing a double master’s degree at Macquarie University. 

James enjoys travelling and has explored many countries within the continents of Europe, North America and Asia. He is interested and passionate about science, philosophy and politics; and how they interact with society, culture and human behaviour. In his free time, he loves to go surfing, listen to music, and spend time with his family and friends.