What tests do we use?

We use the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV). The WAIS is considered the “gold standard” in measuring intelligence and has substantial evidence to support its’ reliability and validity. A general intelligence test (IQ test) is made up of a variety of tasks that measure different thinking abilities, including verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, working memory, and speed of information processing. Each area is measured using several tasks. You receive a score for each task, a score for each area, and a score of overall general intellectual functioning (IQ score). For comprehensive assessments we use additional tests to measure memory, executive functioning, academic skills, and attention. Your performance is scored according to how your skills compare to other people of the same age.

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Do I need a referral?

No, anyone can self-refer for an assessment at Augmentia Health. Unfortunately, there are no Medicare rebates available for adult assessments, though rebates may be available if applied directly through your private health fund.

How can a cognitive assessment help me?

The results of the assessment show areas of strength and weakness which can help you to maximize your learning, further enhance areas of strength, and compensate or develop areas of weakness. The overall scores are often used by organisations (such as Centrelink) to determine if someone qualifies for additional support, programs, or even payments. The results of this test cannot guarantee any of these things but may help a person access different services.

People often say that cognitive testing helps them to:

  • understand their own abilities better
  • focus on areas of strength and develop their potential in these areas
  • understand what to do to overcome barriers to progress at work and home
  • receive appropriate support from government services or other services
Can’t I just do a free IQ test online?

Assessments are administered by a psychologist who has been trained to administer cognitive assessments and who is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The tests have been developed in accordance with the latest research evidence and have large research studies that support their reliability and validity. Many online tests claim to measure intelligence or IQ, but these tasks usually have no or very limited research evidence about their reliability and validity, so the scores are meaningless.

How can I increase my IQ score?

The best way to maximize your performance on the day of assessment is to get a good night sleep the night before, eat a healthy breakfast, and to feel relaxed and confident. Making sure that you’ve have enough exercise during the week and that you are not feeling too stressed will also give you the best chance of performing well. There are not any particular exercises or activities that will help you increase your performance.

Can I access treatment services?

Yes, our clinicians can provide interventions for adults experiencing a range of neurodevelopmental, social, emotional, mental health, or relationship issues. Find out more about our team of clinicians VIEW CLINICIANS.

Can an assessment be completed via telehealth?

Yes, some assessments can be completed via telehealth. Others may require one or two in person appointments.