Secret Agency Society

Secret Agent Society (SAS) is an award winning, breakthrough program for social and emotional skills development.


The program was created by Australian clinical psychologist and Asperger’s expert Dr Renae Beaumont and is regarded as one of the most successful programs of its kind in the world.

About the Program

SAS engages children with its espionage-themed games and eye-catching resources. Children learn how to recognise and manage their own feelings, cope with change, detect other people's emotions, talk and play with others and deal with bullying. It features an animated 'secret agent' computer game as well as parent and teacher resources and information sessions to encourage children to use their new skills at home and at school.


At the end of the program, the junior detectives will graduate as a 'secret agent', armed with the social and emotional tools they need to continue their work in the 'real world'.


SAS is a fun, small group program which helps children learn how to feel happier, calmer, and braver! For more information on the program you can go to 


Groups are limited to 4 participants per group and are run by one of our Registered Psychologists, Mitch. The group runs for 60 minutes plus a 20 minute parent feedback session.


The SAS program aims to help children learn how to:

  • Recognise simple and complex emotions in themselves and others

  • Express feelings in appropriate ways

  • Cope with feelings of anger and anxiety

  • Start, continue, and end conversations and play activities with others

  • Tell the difference between friendly joking and mean teasing

  • Manage bullying

  • Cope with making mistakes

  • Handle new situations and ask for help when needed

  • Make friends

Program Fees


The program fee is $1,166.00 for the 9 week program. This includes the SAS equipment kit. Fees will be invoiced at the beginning of the term and will need to be paid in advance.


Augmentia Health is an registered NDIS provider and the Secret Agency Society program is able to be funded under the NDIS.


At the start of the program our team schedule your child into the group to ensure continuity for your child and the other children so that they can develop their friendship and social skills with that group.


For this reason we need to ensure that you commit your child to attend each session. If you are unable to attend for any reason you will still be charged for the missed session.  This allows us to continue to run the session for the other children ensuring continuity.

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More Information

The Secret Agent Society is a highly sought after program and spaces are limited. If the SAS program is of interest to you and you would like to have your child be a part of our program starting Tuesday 13th October please call us on 1800 683 442 ASAP or send us an enquiry through the request form below and we will call you.

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