UPDATE: Sessions for Term 4, 2021

Augmentia Health is returning to Face to Face sessions in Term 4, but will still be offering Telehealth if you prefer. We will begin back to Face to Face sessions as follows:

From October 5th for:

Paula Brown

Sophie Nicol
Brendan Byrnes-Bates
Natalia Kunze
Katrina Wallace
Mahalia Hartas
Emily Hayes
Carly Tredway
Mitchell Woods
Selina Chapman
Antony Gray
Nadia Hermas
Natalie Wall

From October 18th for:

Chris Floyd
Rahul Gadhoke
Kezia Beale

From November 1st for:

Renee Huntington

Until the above dates for each clinician, we will continue with Telehealth for that clinician. Upon each of the above dates for each clinician, we will run Face to Face sessions (with COVID measures, please see below information) unless you call to arrange a Telehealth session.

IMPORTANT:       Call us to confirm if you do NOT want face to face appointments in Term 4 and prefer Telehealth. 

You can leave a message, speak to one of our Client Liaison Team or email to confirm.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Team at Augmentia Health

Information for clients

Augmentia Health are committed to continuing to provide psychological services during this time of increased stress and anxiety. It is very understandable that the climate of uncertainty and rolling media coverage highlighting threat and danger can be unsettling and can exacerbate existing psychological challenges or can trigger new episodes of psychological distress. Please reach out if you need assistance from one of our experienced Psychologists during this period on 1800 683 442.

Telehealth Appointments
​We support the need for flexible service delivery of appointments during this period of uncertainty. Augmentia Health offer therapy via telehealth as we strive to protect you, ourselves, and the community physically, whilst continuing to help people manage their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Telehealth has many benefits. Research has shown that it is an effective way to receive psychological and emotional help and that those who use it tend to be happy with it.

Telehealth allows people to resume or take up new sessions with their Psychologist from the comfort of their home. Sessions will be conducted as they normally would but with the use of Zoom technology as to simulate a face-to-face session.

Face to Face Appointments
Our practice’s at Erina and Tuggerah are still in operation conducting face to face consultations whilst adhering to the strict hygiene recommendation of the World Health Organisation as well as the social distancing guidelines of the Australian Government.

We have implemented extra hygiene and social distancing measures to minimise the risk of virus transmission. We also request that you help us with this by observing the recommended hygiene practices of regular hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette and social distancing described Australian Government – Department of Health.

Not Feeling well?
Please do not attend appointments in person if you are unwell with flu-like symptoms. For more information about symptoms to look out for, use the Health Direct Symptom Checker. As our team are aiming to comply with health regulations we may ask you to show your COVID clear test results if you appear symptomatic. Please understand our duty of care to all clients and staff during this difficult time. In keeping with this, if you are unable to show a COVID clear test result received within 48hours, and appear symptomatic as per the Health Direct Symptom Checker guidelines, our Team may reschedule your appointment to a telehealth session or to another time and day to ensure that we are following government regulations and keeping everyone safe as best we can.

If you have cold or flu symptoms or symptomatic and not able to attend in person, you can still have your appointment via videoconferencing or telephone. There are Medicare item numbers to support this.

Please email or call our clinic at least 48 hours prior to your appointment if you wish to use telehealth, so that we can send you the secure link to your session.

COVID-Safe Plan
Our practice has a comprehensive COVID-19 safe plan in action to ensure that we are adhering to the latest Australian and state government advice in regards to COVID-19 preventative measures.  CLICK HERE

We will continue to update our safety plan and policies in accordance with the latest advice from the Australian and state government and any updates regarding processes and procedures at the clinic will be posted on this website and our Augmentia Health Facebook.

Please refer to the official Department of Health website to stay informed about Coronavirus. Australian Government – Department of Health.

As always, for urgent mental health support, contact Lifeline (131114), Beyondblue (1300 22 4636), Crisis Care (9223 1111) or visit a hospital emergency department if you feel at imminent risk of harming yourself.

For some tips on staying well psychologically amidst Coronavirus, have a look at the resources below. Above all, keep practising kindness and compassion, both to yourself and those around you!

Beyond Blue: Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak
Black Dog Institute: 10 tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19
Head to Health (Department of Health): COVID-19 Support
Australian Psychological Society: Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety
Psychology Tools: Free Guide To Living With Worry