NEW Client Intake Process Rollout 17.07.2023

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A NEW triage process is rolling out on July 17th to co-incide with the beginning of Term 3.

The process is as follows:

  1. Client calls in to discuss booking an appointment.
  2. Admin team discuss new intake process etc, adds client and client details to Halaxy and sends out intake forms which now include consent to exchange information.
  3. Client sends forms back which will go straight to the email inbox (example below).  This is then picked up by the triage team (currently Catherine Gow while the new process is being assessed) and triaged by clicking on the client’s name.

“Dear Jeanine Kuhn,

Client intake form completed

11-Jul-2023 – 11:21 am

Jeanine Chappell has completed the client intake form (Augmentia Health Private Intake Form Updated 17th July 2023).

Jeanine Chappell


The Halaxy Team”

 4. When task is complete, triage team will mark as complete with notes and add a task via Halaxy (which will look like below) to Jeanine Kuhn which will automatically go to the email inbox. (This could take up to 5 mins to reach the inbox)

“Dear Jeanine Kuhn,

You have a task due soon

Triage complete please book with ECI team due on 11-Jul-2023 for Jeanine Chappell


The Halaxy Team”

  1. Admin team member will click on the name of the client and pick up task in Halaxy, action and complete task. Client to be added to applicable waitlist (e.g. OT) if necessary by the admin team.

Once the process has been working well and any ‘bugs’ are sorted out, Catherine may be looking towards training up the Senior Clinicians to work in this space…. but that’s likely in 2024!

Please contact Jeanine for any further information or anything you think may work well alongside or better to support our making the business better!





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