NBN Changeover NOW COMPLETED 18.07.2023

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UPDATE: 10:48am = Travis has notified that the NBN changeover has now been completed.  We will have further electricians on site on Thursday to link in to the site.


Hi All

We have been in discussions with a different IT support service provider over the last couple of months and the changeover is to happen next Monday (24.07.2023).
I have, however, just had word that the NBN link up will be happening today, ahead of schedule, to respond to the NBN provider’s availability. That means there will be visitors onsite in both locations throughout the day.
They will go to both sites today and access the IT equipment.
If there are any issues at all, please let our IT rep, Travis, know on his mobile 0419653999, and he will do what’s needed to help.
I’ll also put a notice up on the intranet so everyone gets used to going there for info!
Have a great day

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