IT Services Provider Changeover 24.07.2023

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Hi All

From Monday 24th July 2023 we will be changing over our IT support services provider from Presilient to OnIT.

WHY: We want a better service at a better price.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR STAFF: There will be some expected minor disruptions during that week for the Admin Team as we change over some physical equipment (phones mainly) and some minor disruptions to the internet. We will have some back-up systems in place if we need them, but likelihood is we won’t.

It also means that at some point soon we will be changing to the Microsoft Suite for email, inhouse comms and online sessions and we will begin to get better at utilising Halaxy for Secure Messaging, Client Portal and other features it has that we haven’t yet been taking advantage of.  I have spent the last month comparing clinic management systems and for what we need, Halaxy (albeit not pretty) still has the most features hands down. More info on this part as we progress, though its possible this part will take place over the next few months and into the end of the year to see into fruition.

It also means that over time, likely into 2024, we will look at updating our company laptops and other equipment as we go and may look into some Soft Phone systems too, but all in good time!

QUESTIONS?: Touch base with Jeanine if you have any questions or concerns, but bear in mind that some things we just won’t know in terms of this changeover until they are happening as is with any service outside of our control, but we will do our best to mitigate any risks and disruptions.



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